Starting from $775

Frameless and slimline, the Era incorporates seamlessly into any interior style.

Sitting flush to the wall, the Era is perfect for those who are looking for an unforgettable statement artwork. Mounted onto a brushed aluminium backing, the Era is a modern and perennial product, encapsulating timeless beauty. Featuring incredible Australian-made details handcrafted by local artisans, the bespoke Era product is the true embodiment of  distinction and sophistication.

Available in a full range of sizes including square and rectangular formats.


Unique and contemporary

Adding a unique and contemporary aesthetic to any space, the Era is a sleek and subtle way to display your treasured images.

Satin finish

Printed on archival paper, the Era is finished with satin-laminate and mounted onto a 3mm aluminium composite sheet. The matt finish of the laminated image provides no reflection, so nothing distracts from your eye-catching image.

Light-weight and slimline

The slim and beautiful Era is perfect for those currently renting their home or office, the lightweight and water-resistant product making it perfect for wall hanging, without requiring heavy hardware to do so.