Exploring The Journey Of Motherhood

Widely recognised as one of the toughest jobs the world over, motherhood is a full-time gig with no breaks or weekends. It is a dynamic frontier that, once embarked upon, lasts a lifetime. Ask your mother if she’d exchange this for anything in the world and you’ll hear a resounding no. The individual journeys each woman can recount paint an equal picture of both inspiration and perspiration. Generous to a fault, tireless, thoughtful, fiercely protective and ever loving, their list of virtues could run for pages. What is universal is that these women demonstrate true grit and their efforts should be wholly celebrated every step of the way. Taking the time out to reflect on and document each stage of this incredible journey is precisely what we do in studio and this year, we want to get to know the women who run the world. If you, or someone you know fits the description of some of the milestones listed below then perhaps it’s time we put the light on them.

Expectant Mother’s

The question is, where do you start a journey as unique as this? Well at the beginning of course! Your baby bump heralds the onset of new motherhood, your body is carrying life and that is a wonder to behold. We are drawn to an expectant mother’s bump as it illustrates the tenderness and excitement of what is to come. When you visit the studio for a bump shoot, you are taking the time to celebrate this extraordinary transformation within your body. It is the calm before the storm, but when the storm passes everything will be fresh, dewy and forever changed. It’s only 9 month’s, but it is arguably the most pivotal stage of motherhood, it’s so important that the magic of this moment is not lost.

New Born

You now know what true love means. The newest member of your family has arrived and you are everything to them. This is an incredibly precious stage in your lives and you know the memories you make of this fresh new relationship will be cherished beyond the years of growth you have ahead. It is at this point that you have begun to adjust your life’s routines to accommodate and nurture your littlest treasure. You might be tired, you might feel overwhelmed, you might be forgetful or perhaps you have everything covered as the powerhouse we know you to be. They grow and change so quickly, taking the time to document this blessing will be a beautiful reminder of the little details that make you swoon. The shape of their tiny ears, the way their fingers curl around yours, how angelic they are when they sleep, breast feeding, cuddles, sleepy time, all these snapshots capture a textured sense of what it is to be a new mother.

One Year

You did it! Their first year and their first steps. A whole year of firsts in fact. Bring the balloons because you deserve to celebrate. This has been a non-stop 12 month cavalcade of ever-changing sleep cycles, hair pulling, guessing games, vaccinations, dietary changes, nappies, bibs and new muscles you didn’t know you had. Your clothes might exhibit some wear and tear, You have gotten used to tying your hair up, you know your way around a wash cycle like no other, you have become particularly adept at helping tiny feet that are waving in the air find their way into a snug pair of socks. You haven’t stopped. They haven’t stopped. So, go for it, pop the champagne because you’re not breastfeeding anymore and this is an event in itself! Happy First Year of parenting Mum, you are a hero.


Whether you are juggling twins, you have another on the way, you’re a mother of twelve and a puppy, you’ve adopted, you’ve become a stepmother, If you have a toddler and a teenager, or perhaps you’re still going with your first one, you and your brood are welcome. I imagine you have a lot to catch up on. How do you do it all, what makes you laugh, who’s the boss, when did you last do something like this? Your experience and wisdom, your problem-solving skills and creativity have taken shape and your lives are now forever interwoven. You are them and they are you. If you haven’t paused to process this, then it’s definitely time. This is what it’s all about and your efforts are visible to all.

Older Children

Well, you have accomplished decades of work and your legacy has truly taken shape. This is where the wisdom of your experience can genuinely be appreciated. While a mother’s work is never done, at this stage you might get to enjoy a new kind of friendship with the people you have inspired over the years. Sit back and admire your efforts, because your love and support has achieved more than you could imagine. While you were busy, your character and some of your quirks may have rubbed off as well, for this you should be proud, you haven’t just looked after them, you’ve taught them how to look after themselves and that is a gift that will keep on giving.

Grandmother’s and Multigenerational Experiences

What a momentous occasion, to see this many generations gathered under one roof. From the smallest to the tallest, together to celebrate their lives with you. Imagine four generations and all the shared stories, secrets, skills, recipes, warmth and love of decades. It’s a cacophony of sound, this many families together at one time, at times its pure chaos, but that is family and that is life and you’ve have certainly lived it. You may have a few grey hairs to show for it but you’ve earned those wrinkles and perhaps after a day of smiles, you might even earn a few more.

Congratulations on making it this far, may your memories be treasured for a lifetime.